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As the only official full member and representative of IFIA in Canada, we are responsible for sending Canadian national inventors’ team to international competitions running by IFIA. IFIA has annual competitions for inventors in different countries , with different themes between 24-38 categories.

Applicants need to first register to FICI and send a summary of their inventions with pictures from their prototype ( having an MVP or prototype is a must ) and mention the competition they are willing to participate. Note due to high demands for competitions we are not able to approve all applications.آ After reviewing applications FICI will chooseآ only top 5-10 applications for that competition.

Competitions take between 3-4 days usually and last day of each competition is dedicated to marketing and technology trading.

Our team members can benefit from cash awards , gold , silver and bronze medals and special awards from ministries of science , innovation, and the most reputable industries in each competition. Also, due to a number of participants ( usually between 800-5000 inventors from +70 countries) IFIA’s competitions are the best place for inventors and entrepreneurs to introduce their invention to the biggest R&D centers and industries in a worldwide stage. In case of winning an award, they can add this valuable reputation to their professional resume and develop their project.

We have specific services for nominated national team members before and after international competitions. Consultation sessions to match the criteria of their invention with that competition(s) , presentation workshop and technical consultancy session are offering before competition ; marketing and connecting them with representatives of industries in that country or representatives who are coming from other countries to that competition and legal aids are offering during the competitions and finally link them to the national industries to increase their chance of selling their ideas are part of our services for our team members.

For more information about upcoming competitions please visit our event page.

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