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The First Institute of Canadian Inventors (FICI) is a non-profit organization subsidiary and one of 95 countries that are members of the International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA). FICI is committed to preparing Canadian inventors to succeed, by providing the necessary resources including patent services, entrepreneurship and innovation workshops, and technical help. We are the bridge for Canadian inventors to help them participate in international competitions, ran by both IFIA and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Our mission is to give Canadian inventors the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality and establish themselves as professionals through international competitions.

Evaluating the idea and patent is another issue for inventors. Pricing the idea or invention has many technical steps and requires a professional team to consider many elements and evaluate that idea/patent. At FICI we are providing a very accurate report to evaluate your idea or your patent based on the stock market value, previous claims, technical details of your patent and many other important factors.

IFIA’s partner, World Intellectual Properties of the United Nation (WIPO) is the only issuer of PCT which protects the intellectual properties of your invention in 150 countries. PCT is a perfect choice for entrepreneurs since they need to market their product globally or for those who can not afford to pay for US patent.

As part of our educational program, we are running different workshops and one of the most interesting workshops we have is “Innovation workshop”. In this 12 sessions workshop, participants who do not have any idea will learn how to become an inventor and at the end of the workshop, they have two functional innovation ideas. For those who are interested, we have another workshop that they learn how to build a prototype for their ideas. So, with two workshops you can come up with a functional idea and functional prototype.

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