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IFIA members are authorized to establish IFIA Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) in IFIA member states. TTOs work under the supervision and guidance of Technology Transfer Secretariat (TTS), situated in IFIA Secretariat, to meet the requirements of Technology Transfer Center (TTC). TTC branches supervise the activities of TTOs regionally. IFIA may found TTC branches in specialized fields such as electronics, computer, etc which is possible in case the members working in special areas send IFIA Secretariat a request in this regard. If IFIA has several members in one country, then one of the members can be in charge of TTO upon the approval of Executive Committee members and the remaining members are expected to cooperate with their national TTO.


IFIA Commercialization and Sustainability Unit (IFIA – CSU) aims to unlock the true potential of innovations by supporting Innovation Rockstars and Early Breakthroughs in 6 high impact areas with no intention of profit. You can apply for IFIA-CSU Grand Innovation Challenge now.

These 5 candidates will have:

  1. Access to dedicated global networks, resources, platforms, experts, mentors, Investor groups & Innovation roadshows to provide face to face exposure to Investors & large collaborators (Public & Private)
  2. Opportunity to be involved for wide adoption through large global development programs by multi-lateral agencies, Donors, Governments
  3. Opportunity to be involved in global implementation programs of the Sustainability Development Goal (SDG) Accelerator
  4. Defined partnership opportunities and markets to be pursued for development, commercialization, investment
  5. Limited period (12 months) exposure & representation on global platforms and flagship programs & events

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