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The first institute of Canadian inventors (FICI)

Who We Are

The first institute of Canadian inventors (FICI), established in 2015 is the first and only representative of IFIA in Canada. We have initiated the first National Inventors’ Team of Canada (NITC) to partake in international competitions run by IFIA and under the observation of the UN. IFIA is a non-profit organization established in 1968 which assembles over 135 member organization from more than 95 countries dedicated to supporting inventors around the globe. IFIA organizes international invention competitions, scientific seminars, workshop with the collaboration of other international organizations to provide an opportunity for its member to exhibit their innovations and benefit its wealth of knowledge. Also, IFIA holds international congress and conference where all members freely dialogue and exchange their views to promote the inventive and entrepreneurial spirit. Social networking at IFIA event allows members to increase their contacts and knowledge base to possible commercialization with different stakeholders.

Our Valus




By participating in our workshop, we can help you become an inventor and have your own patented idea even if you have no idea and invention. The benefits of this program for students include; Despite not having an idea, by taking our “idea to innovation” course; you can start your startup after ten […] Read more



If you have a startup company with a technology readiness between 4-7 you can benefit from partaking in the international competitions and introduce your product or startup to more than 35 countries in every competition. b) Benefits of this program for entrepreneurs include; The best program for entrepreneurs looking for international exposure, winning medal, […] Read more



IFIA is the partner in many UN subsidiaries. We can introduce you to our current international opportunities to widen your market through our social network if you are established with a good portfolio. Our international competitions are good fits for your needs if you want to get connected with Trade commissioners of different companies, meet […] Read more



Obtaining new members with high-grade technologies, feasible products, and international exposure is necessary for incubators. We can offer you our consulting service to improve the core technology of your startup companies and also provide you with opportunities to link up with inventors and other R&D labs either in Canada and internationally. Also, it could […] Read more



We can assist you with new collaborations with R&D centers, innovation organizations, and inventors from Canada and other countries. We can also help disseminate your achievements to the world, university professors, and inventors. Hence, getting gifted international students with high skills and great ideas is something we can also do for you. Read more


Mission Statement
FICI’s mission is to give Canadian inventors the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality and establish themselves as professionals through international competitions.

About Us
The First Institute of Canadian Inventors (FICI) is a not-for-profit subsidiary of the International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA), headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.آ FICI is committed to preparing Canadian inventors to succeed,آ by providing the necessary resources includingآ patent services, entrepreneurship workshops, and technical help.آ We are the bridge forآ Canadian inventors to help them participate in international competitions, ran by both IFIA and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Our Team

Meet The Team

Babak Khodaparast



FICI has chapters in most Canadian Universities and we are expanding our chapters. We are inviting interested students to join our chapters and take a responsibility and run our chapters in schools that we still do not have a chapter. For more information, please contact us.

Simon Fraser

Waterloo University

Ryerson University

University of Toronto

McMaster University

York University



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