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IFIA paper magazine published annually broadly covers a wide range of activities comprising the international invention exhibitions organized under the patronage of IFIA, congresses, workshops, seminars and other related events usually held alongside the expositions, fairs or shows. Moreover, some pages are dedicated to the international cooperation established between IFIA and United Nation agencies or other international organizations to […]


Join thousands of professionals working in many different industries from all across the world who have decided to further their global competitiveness by studying Intellectual Property through the world’s premier IP educational material, IP Panorama, a self-paced, online educational curriculum created and managed by WIPO, KIPO, and KIPA since 2008. IP Panorama is the go-to […]


National Inventors Team of Canada (NITC) is participating in designated competitions of inventions running by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA). To know more about each competition you can check the calendar and for joining the NITC please submit your request through the contact section.


Inventor Assistance Program IFIA has always struggled to ensure the protection of inventors’ rights, support them in the procedure of invention commercialization, and raise awareness about the Patent Cooperation Treaty and Intellectual Property rights through a wide range of activities such as organizing workshops, holding seminars, cooperating with other international organizations and etc. To further […]


As the only official full member and representative of IFIA in Canada, we are responsible for sending Canadian national inventors’ team to international competitions running by IFIA. IFIA has annual competitions for inventors in different countries , with different themes between 24-38 categories. Applicants need to first register to FICI and send a summary of […]

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