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Invention Summary

Portable adsorbent semi-permanent non-waste dust removal gel. The product invented is called ‘Dirty Zero.’ This product is a portable adsorbent dust removal gel with polymer material. This product can be washed with water and used semi-permanently. No waste or waste is generated, and it is a safe product that is odorless and non-toxic. 

Users can be anyone. In particular, it can be used by pet owners, office workers who need cleanliness, and households who want a clean house from dust. Korea has 12 million pets, and more than 20% of the total Korean population is raising cats. Many customers will use it in a variety of ways because the U.S. is estimated to raise much more dogs and is on the rise worldwide is on the rise. The scope of use will be portable and will be available in all areas, including clothing, in-vehicle, hair shop, office, clean room, etc.

How Dirty Zero was Born?!

I am an office worker and owner of two small pet dogs indoors. I usually wear black suits, but I had a hard time getting my dog’s fur off every morning. So I thought of a product that can be used for portable use, so I thought of a non-toxic semi-permanent use that does not produce waste. We believed that this would be an innovative material, and we started to commercialize it. This is how Dirty Zero was born.

The biggest goal is to promote Dirty Zero globally and have an environmental positive impact, and to make customers feel convenient in using it.In order to become a society where people live together, part of the product sales is aimed at donating.

Patent Protection
KOREA / 10-2019-0025070 / 10-2020-0112270

Inventor of This Invention

Inv. Moon Ji Yeong
Nationality: Korean

Phone: +82 10 4630 1235

Country of Residence: Republic of Korea 
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