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Forty-Six INV official members from 20 different countries received their certificates in Qatar.

As one of the forerunner organizations associated with invention and innovation, IFIA has always tried to appreciate the invention and innovation community. Because of that, The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations, IFIA, has established the INV title to distinguish the members of the federation and will praise and honor the INV members to expand the culture of invention and innovation all around the world.

Accordingly, IFIA organized the First International INV Competition for inventors and innovators in July 2021, and more than 1650 inventions from around 35 countries enrolled at the event.

In Challenge and Innovation Forum, CIF 2021, in Doha, Qatar, 46 inventors from twenty different countries received their INV certificates.The competitors were from countries such as Switzerland, Kuwait, Italy, Japan,Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Russia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Lebanon, Thailand, etc.

We are happy to know that more than one thousand people are currently official INV members of The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations, and the number is rising. Every day, there are more and more INV requests from different regions, and we are witnessing that the IFIA family is growing bigger every day in the world.

After all, we want you to know that the doors of IFIA are open to all inventors and innovators who want to become an official member of the federation. In order to apply, please check out the link below:

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