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IFIA and ABIPIR a Partners of the Global Innovation Field (GIFT) in Encouraging the Training of Future Inventors, Scientists and Entrepreneurs

Scientific / technological project aimed at students with ID intellectual disability developed by students with high abilities/giftedness and teachers from Espírito Santo represents Brazil in the Global Innovation Field GIFT.
The project developed by the teachers and students of the EEEM “IRMÁ MARIA HORTA” in Vitória – ES – Brazil, having as PROF./TRAINER: Luiz Gustavo Gomes and the Students:
Luisa Lamego Rodrigues – 2V technical; Thiago Xavier Santos -2V coach; Miguel Batista de Sousa Borges – 1V1 technical; Pedro Henrique Tardin Deps – Technical 1V1 was presented at the Global Innovation Field Program – GIFT.

The project “Pedagogical technology: development of educational digital games for students with intellectual disabilities” represented Brazil and was part of a select group of 15 countries and was the subject of much praise and caused extreme admiration for its relevance as a powerful, inclusive and innovative educational tool.

Congratulations to Professor Luis Gustavo and all the students for their brilliant work and to the Management of EEEM “IRMÁ MARIA HORTA” for supporting initiatives like these.

The project was designed with the objective of helping the student with ID – intellectual disability, in the learning processes from pedagogical practices in a playful way, creating an atmosphere that facilitates the understanding of high school subjects in a simple and objective way. Using technologies through a variety of digital games such as quiz, memory game, quizzes, word searches, crosswords, math generator, among others, where there are in some of the games with association of images, which will help in the understanding of the questions and direct the teacher to share the contents to be taught.

As a representative of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) in Latin America and founder and President of the Social Organization Brazil International Association of Inventors, Scientists and Innovative Researchers – ABIPIR, I fulfill the role initiated in 2011 of contribute to learning, technical training in science, entrepreneurship and innovation among young people, inventors and entrepreneurs and, in this way, fulfill my purpose of leaving a legacy of value.

During this period in which ABIPIR has organized 13 editions of the International Fair of Applied Science, Inventions, Innovations and Business – InnovaCities, workshops and courses aimed at Inventors, Scientists and Entrepreneurs, we have always had the support and unconditional seal of IFIA, the largest of innovation in the world and represented in more than 70 countries, in the person of its President Alireza Rastegar, responsible for the most successful and innovative management in the history of the institution

Learn more about this innovative and life-changing Program, brilliantly led by Juli Shively, Jake Mendelson and a competent team that has already impacted children, youth and adept scientists and entrepreneurs from more than 50 countries.

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