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IFIA AND ABIPIR Support the World Festival of Young Innovators in Nairobi, Kenia

IFIA and ABIPIR invite you to join the Invent Future. Global by participating in the 2023 WORLD FESTIVAL OF YOUNG INNOVATORS set to take place in Nairobi, Kenya.
This is a great initiative that aims to form a new generation of inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, and IFIA and ABIPIR following their mission to make the world a better place to live by stimulating in all ways the creativity, inventiveness, and innovation could not be out of it.
A small decision that you make today may be the catalyst that sends you on the road to your goals.
More than ever before, previously unimagined solutions present themselves to eradicate our world’s most pressing challenges.
Here you can acquire the knowledge to navigate within the 17 Global Goals.
We have learned that today we are more interdependent than ever.
Project-based Learning is the formula that we are using to push our choice of 4 Goals.
We can be proud of our local, national, and regional identity but also acknowledge that we are part of mankind, part of the universe.

Kikao is a Swahili word meaning gathering and the knowledge we share is based on a large-scale comparative study, combining data and analysis from a representative range of countries around the world. It is based on published resources and interviews conducted among principal stakeholders to create the education of the movement.
Parents, educators, and policymakers are growing in their understanding that strong PBL improves student engagement and connects academic content to the broader world beyond school.

As Global Citizens, we understand and cherish the meaning of freedom, knowing that working within society is what seals the collective consciousness of our communities.
Join the Tribe!!

This WORLD FESTIVAL OF YOUNG INNOVATORS will be an in-person event at the end of 2023.
It is for your kids as well as kids around the world.
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