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The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations – IFIA, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and represented in more than 70 countries, starts the year 2023 with a disruptive innovation.
This innovation consists of the creation of the Department of Startups, a sector of the IFIA that will be responsible for preparing, carrying out and monitoring actions in different countries of the world and whose main objective is to help Startups to connect with each other and with potential investors and commercial partners in addition to strengthening relationships with Inventors and Academic Researchers.
This Department will benefit academic researchers who find it difficult to transform their research results into market-successful solutions.
With the connection with Startups or through training that will be offered to transform these projects into Startups, the process will be facilitated.
For groups of angel investors and Venture Capitals, approaching this Department will result in great advantages as they will have access to a portfolio of Startups from different countries where they will find the best investment opportunities.
The initiative to create the IFIA Startups Department came from a member of the Executive Committee and Director of IFIA in Latin America, Founder and President of ABIPIR, Professor and Inventor Ph.D. Marcelo Vivacqua, who has extensive experience in managing Startups, in addition to working as a Mentor and Consultant in the sector and connected with the biggest Acceleration Program of Startups in Latin America – Inovativa Brazil – and of the world – Founder Institute – São Paulo, coordinated by Marco di Biasi with methodology from Silicon Valley.
The creation of this Department was only possible through the innovative vision of the members of the IFIA Executive Committee and the full support of the President Mr. Alireza Rastegar, who’s defined this matter as a priority.
The Board of Experts of the IFIA Startups Department is complemented by Anand Kanand, manager of the IFIA office in India, and Mariangela Lückman, Director of events and education at ABIPIR and manager of the Latin American Office at IFIA-ABIPIR.
This initiative will generate benefits for everyone involved: Inventors who do not have business experience will be able to connect with Startups who are specialists in this area and, on the other hand, will benefit from the innovations developed by the inventors, being able to take them to the market with greater possibilities of success.
Startups that connect to the Department will benefit, in addition to connecting with inventors, from the possibility of participating in events promoted by the IFIA in several countries with special conditions and connecting with potential investors and commercial partners in several countries benefiting from the vast network of relationships that the IFIA It has. We invite you, Inventor, manager, and investor of Startups and Academic researchers to learn more about the department and the advantages of participating in it by accessing the website link:
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