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It is a great pleasure to inform you that the 14 edition of IFIA’s magazine, categorized as IFIA official publication, is published on the IFIA website and can be downloaded through the following link:

No 14

See and preview of IFIA Magazine No.14

IFIA Magazine No.14 demonstrates the activities performed by IFIA and the members in a serious attempt to foster the culture of invention and innovation internationally which is IFIA‘s main mission.

IFIA Magazine is specifically designed to broaden public understanding of the creative and innovative activities performed all around the world by IFIA members, partners, and collaborators in order to further promote the culture of invention and innovation.

Download the PDF file of  IFIA Magazine No.14

Meanwhile, the upcoming events to be held in various countries are inserted in the magazine in order to enhance awareness about them and encourage large participation.

If you have any queries or comments and you are interested to have your event, innovation, or invention-related activities published in the next edition of IFIA magazine, please contact us via

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