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IFIA services are provided to Indian inventors through the IFIA office in India

IFIA Office in India

The IFIA Office in India opened in Bangalore on January 2023. We promote IFIA’s services and products in India.

The services we support include:

  • IFIA international invention events registration via the IFIA Events
  • IFIA international technology transfer brokerage via the ICCD
  • IFIA international inventors title via the INV
  • IFIA startups support via the IFST
  • IFIA inventions standard  via the IIS
  • IFIA academy training via the IAT
Yenilik Foundation is the official body representing IFIA-ABIPIR in India.
The foundation is created on the core principles & values of IFIA to support & foster innovation, support inventors in building their dreams to POC via CSR support, hold innovation fairs & events, and support grassroots inventions to scale.
Mr.Anand Kannan, is the manager of the IFIA office in India,
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