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IFIA’s startups department was launched

IFIA startups department started working under the management of two member countries, India and Brazil

IFIA EXCO Members are authorized to establish the IFIA startups department (IFST) for the IFIA member states.

The IFIA’s Startups Department is an IFIA initiative that aims to help Inventors to have the possibility to both, create a Startup from his/her invention or connect with one to create synergy and
improve the chances to sell, license, or be a CEO or partner of a Startup and, in this way, make the journey to take his/her invention to the market easier, to be successful, and make profits.No doubt this initiative will be one of most innovative and disruptive of the IFIA’s history.

This department will work under the management of Mr. Dr. Marcelo and Mrs.Mariangela Lückmann from Brazil and the cooperation of Mr. Anand from India

Mr.Anand Kannan
Dr.Marcelo Vivacoa
Mariangela Lückmann
Connecting Inventors to Startups Ecosystem to create successful, innovative and profitable Business!

• Establish contacts with Startups to invite them to participate in IFIA’s challenges.
• Organize all phases of the Open Innovation Challenges launched by Big Tech Companies and Governments.

• Monetize by signing sponsorship agreements with Big Tech Companies or Governments to organize open innovation challenges.
• Attract VC Groups and charge them to have the preference to participate in the funding roundtables.
• Attract big Tech Companies to be a sponsor of IFIA’s events in which Startups will play an important role.

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