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Challenge and Innovation Forum 2021 Report

250,000$ was awarded to selected inventors from all around the world in the Challenge and Innovation Forum. “CIF 2021”

After four days of physical exhibition and months of preparation and registrations, finally, the Challenge and Innovation Forum, CIF came to an end and is ready to come back in 2022 in Qatar. The Challenge and Innovation Forum, (CIF 2021) is considered a unique event in The Middle East region under the patronage of IFIA. It included a number of competitions, events, and interactive science programs aimed to motivate and encourage inventors from all over the world to participate in this huge event.
Accordingly, CIF presented some projects that reflected the roles of research, development, and innovation in achieving a knowledge-based economy. Also, the Challenge and Innovation Forum contributed to directing the attention of the international community to learn more about the latest developments in the fields of innovation and modern technologies.
CIF Qatar 2021 included two main competitions; Best Inventions and Hackathon.
The best inventions competition aimed to showcase individual inventors’ projects for the first two days, and then, the participants were divided into groups where they competed to develop their unique ideas from scratch to a startup within just 48 hours with a total prize of 250,000$.
In the invention exhibitions, the inventors showcased their invention in an exhibition-style event where they had a dedicated booth, and a group of judges evaluated the best ideas over the first two days.
After the inventions exhibition, the inventors were divided into eight teams in a hackathon-style competition for another two days.


The registration opening of CIF 2021 opened on July 7th until September 10th. After that, the final list of participants who would compete physically in Doha was announced. In this matter, eighty-four inventors from 32 countries were accepted to showcase their projects and inventions in Qatar.

On November 7th, 2021, the Challenge and Innovation Forum started with the inventions exhibitions for two days, and after that, The Hackathon continued the invention fair for another two days. On the last day of the Challenge and Innovation Forum on November 11th, the closing ceremony was held in the presence of many prominent people of Qatar and the field of invention and innovation. The minister of culture and sports of Qatar, Mr. Salah bin Ghanim Al Ali, the Director of Innovation and IP Office of Qatar University, Dr. Hareb Al-Jabri, and the President of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations, IFIA, Mr. Alireza Rastegar, were some of the people present at the closing ceremony. On this day, the Challenge and Innovation Forum came to an end, and the awards were granted to the selected inventors with a total prize of 250,000$. Plus, traveling and accommodation expenses were covered under supervision of IFIA by the hosting country, Qatar.
In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that because Qatar is going to host the following FIFA World Cup in 2022, we can assure you that the next Challenge and Innovation Forum, CIF 2022, will be more productive and will expand the culture of invention and innovation on a worldwide scale.

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