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Female Inventors Made A Great Appearance At Korea
International Women’s Invention Exposition 2022


Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition, KIWIE, is one of the few festivals celebrating female inventors and inventions in the world. All these years, KIWIE has driven the growth of female inventors for more than a decade by exhibiting and awarding patented technologies and inventions done by the women of South Korea and other countries such as Poland, Tajikistan, Thailand, Iran, etc.
This year, KIWIE 2022 was organized by KIWA and with the cooperation of KIPO under the patronage of IFIA which was a hybrid event that was held online and offline so that all inventors could send their applications to participate in this event. The women inventors had the chance to visit the website and the online exhibition hall, and they could experience the event in person.


In KIWIE 2022, which was the first event in which people participated physically after COVID-19, many women had the chance to meet each other and share their innovative thoughts. Moreover, 318 female inventors experienced this event, and around 200 were partaking physically from 18 countries from all around the world.

Furthermore, at the closing ceremony, Mr. Alireza Rastegar, the president of IFIA, and Mrs. Soonsun Kim, the president of KIWIE, gave speeches regarding the progress of women inventors from all around the world and thanked all the female innovators who participated in this event.

Also, the purpose of the Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition has always been to expand the ecosystem of invention and innovation among women. By holding such events, KIWIE has had the chance to increase the interest in invention activities for women. Moreover, they have strengthened the foundation for women’s invention, facilitated the exchange of women inventors in Korea and other countries and established their global network, and promoted outstanding inventions developed by women and their distribution.
Lastly, IFIA hopes that these women-related invention and innovation fairs pave the way for female inventors so that they would be interested in the invention ecosystem and culture more and more.

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