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From The International Avicenna Research Center, 115 Talented Iranian Students Were Chosen to Gain The INV Membership

It was less than a month ago that the winners of The First International INV Competition were announced. Accordingly, more than 650 inventors attended this competition from all around the world. But the inventors from Iran were the wonders of this event. With the help of The International Avicenna Research Center and The Special Assistant of The President of IFIA, Masoud Tajbakhsh, 115 Iranian Students could become Inv. members and participate in the contest. And the results of the competition showed that their efforts were outstanding.
One of IFIA’s aims is to spread the culture of innovation as vast as possible. And because of that, we want to thank the local IFIA office in Iran, and The President of The International Avicenna Research Center, Mr. Mahdi Rashidyjahan, who helped these young inventors and requested the Inv. membership for them. After accurate considerations, the jury committee accepted the applications of these elite students to become some of the exclusive members of The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations

About The International Avicenna Research Center

Nowadays, research is very much needed to solve the problems that occur around the world. Many of the research results are limited to the research and cannot be developed or perfected due to limited studies with experts or funding. Accordingly, we need students of all ages to develop and progress the research results by participating in competitions or giving presentations to be more active, creative, and innovative.
Therefore, The International Avicenna Research Centre (IARC) holds an international-level invention competition under the patronage of IFIA. The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations invites all inventors and innovators from all around the world to participate in this international event.
Also, because most of the world is still facing COVID-19, this contest, The International Avicenna Youth Science Fair 2021 (IAYSF), will be held virtually from October 7th to 9th, 2021, and the registration deadline is September 10th, 2021. Overall, this event can be the right platform to nurture our young talented inventors that are active, creative, and innovative.


The International Avicenna Research Center wants to provide a platform for invention and innovation to develop a creative mind and spirit for each young talented student. Also, another aim of the fair is to develop the skills of scientific research and interest in innovation and invention among students. Moreover, exchanging invention and innovation experiences between students regardless of their nationality can help IFIA and the innovation community in a great way.

The General Provisions of IAYSF 2021
  • The participants must be students at universities, elementary, middle, or high schools;
  • Each team can have at most five members, and they have to appoint one team leader;
  • There will be a 15-minute evaluation for each team, 7 minutes of presentation, and 8 minutes of Q&A.
The General Provisions of IAYSF 2021
  • Science (Biology & Medical Sciences, Chemistry, Social Science, Environmental Sciences, Physics, Neuroscience, Engineering, Math & Computer Sciences)
  • Invention (Engineering, Chemistry, Medical)
  • Entrepreneurship

IFIA has agreed to provide free participation for some inventors all around the world.
For more information, registration, list of awards, and more, the international applicants should feel free to contact

In conclusion, these virtual events help the people who always have had the desire to join international invention fairs. Moreover, these platforms help young people find their enthusiasm towards invention and innovation, which can be crucial for the future of the invention community.

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