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Challenge and Innovation Forum (CIF 2021) 7 to 11 November 2021,Doha, Qatar


The Challenge and Innovation Forum (CIF), is considered a unique event in the region. It includes a number of competitions, events, and interactive science programs aimed at motivating and encouraging inventors, from all over the world, to participate in this huge event. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the hosting country.

CIF will present a number of projects that reflect the roles of research, development and innovation in achieving a knowledge-based economy.

The forum will also contribute to directing the attention of the international community to learn more about the latest developments in the fields of innovation and modern technologies. In addition, to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with a number of participation and achievements of the youth. The idea of the competition is based on the participation of all innovators who have been accepted, whereby their individual inventions will be presented during the dedicated exhibition, which will happen during the first two days of the event.

Challenge and Innovation Forum (CIF) Qatar 2021, is the first forum of its kind in the region. It includes a number of competitions and events with the aim of motivating and encouraging inventors around the world.


CIF Qatar 2021 has two main competitions, which are exhibition for Best Inventions, and Hackathon.

The best inventions competition aims to showcase individual inventors’ projects for the first two days, then the participants will be divided into groups where they will compete to develop their unique ideas from scratch to a startup within just 48 hours. All the necessary support will be provided to all participants during the competitions.

Total Prizes: $250,000

Inventions Exhibition:

Showcase your invention in an exhibition style event, where you will have a dedicated booth, and a group of judges will evaluate the best ideas over the first two days.


After the inventions exhibition is done, you will be divided into groups, where you will compete against other teams to invent new ideas from scratch, in a hackathon-style competition for 48 hours.

Criteria of the participation
  1. The age must be 18 years or above.
  2. The participant must obtain a patent/deposit number of a patent or its equivalent for the participating projects.
  3. The participant must have a scientific background.
  4. The participant must submit a summary of the invention that includes:
  • Provide the field of the invention and brief summary about it.
  • A clear image of the project.
  1. A physical prototype of the submitted invention must be available during participation in Qatar
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