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The Story of The winner of IFIA Best Medal in The First International Invention Competition in 2021

In this article, we interviewed Mr. Vahid Niroumand, the IFIA Best Medal title winner among 650 inventors, at the first INV International Competition of the International Federation of Inventors’ Association. Mr. Niroumand’s idea of the world’s first “Integrated Triple Converter of Water, Gas, and Power Mechanical Meters to Digital” gained him this award for being environmentally friendly, using clean energy, taking up less space, preventing the wastage of natural resources, and being beneficial in today’s world. You can read the experiences he faced on his route in this essay.

Childhood Chapter

Vahid Niroumand, born in 1981, was interested in opening electronic devices out of curiosity as a child. As a teenager, little Vahid became deeply interested in jet and car motors, and it made him study a lot about technologies related to it. At the age of 16, with the limited facilities at his disposal, he built a small rocket engine with solid fuel, which, of course, exploded after a practical test at an altitude of about 100 meters. After the incident, he was no longer allowed to pursue such issues but continued to work on other inventions that did not have the danger of exploding. Eventually, he found himself in the middle of the electronics and mechanics industry, which after all, he started designing and constructing advanced electronic and mechanical systems.

The Professional Path

In 2005, he started his professional career and entered his field of interest by establishing a company that designed and manufactured electronic building systems. In the first two years, he worked as a managing director and designer and then as an innovation manager in producing BMS or building management systems. In these 17 years, their company’s products are the result of their thoughts and ideas, making the products able to compete in the international market. Lighting devices, electronic hotel doors, all-electronic homes, industrial electrical panels, and several other products are only some of the significant results of the effort he has put into his hard work.
And just like his hard path at his success in his career, Mr. Niroumand’s invention route wasn’t easy whatsoever. His invention of the integrated meter was formerly done by his group more than 12 years ago.


They produced and marketed the minimal product under BMS products, different from a simple electricity meter. But coincidentally, they realized that this product is the same as today’s digital electricity meter, but with little efficiency ahead of the present time. So later on, they made some changes in the device, which improved the efficiency of the designed integrated electricity meter. It took his team about one year to complete the final prototype of this device with many expenses. This invention paved the way for attending international fairs and competitions, but there were challenges on the way that led to his next idea and design.


The integrated water sensor has become a device welcomed by many companies and governments so that the suppliers can monitor over more efficient use of water in communities at lower costs. On their route, they explored challenges, identified problems with commercialization, production, and operation. And finally, they moved on to designing and manufacturing the integrated sensors. After all, they created a device that can produce at the lowest costs. It can be three different models of water, electricity, and gas meters simultaneously and send the information to three distribution companies in software packages, which is the subject of consumption control. After years of working in innovative products in different industries, especially energy consumption control, they thought it was necessary to establish an organization to put their work in an international condition. This way of thinking led to the foundation of Sleer Company in Roosendaal, Netherlands, with the help of Somitra Group. The new foundation and the years of experience and expertise in the industry helped them to be in a position to suggest the best solutions to the challenges. And now, as a leading European innovator in high-tech and digital technologies, SLEER Company has the first IFIA Best medal at the first International INV Competition in its resume. This invention, optimizing energy consumption with lower costs, can cause three things; First, to produce this meter, the extraction of raw materials is reduced by up to 60%. Second, radio radiation in this area is reduced by up to 80%. Third, the waste of electronic and plastic parts is also reduced.

International Approach

The SLEER platform has helped Mr. Niroumand with much recognition. The CEO of SLEER, Mr. Sohrab Bozorgpishani, has advised Mr. Niroumand and his group to commercialize the project on many different platforms, such as participation in a European competition about water consumption control, and communicating with the water supplier companies of the Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Mexico. Also, in the Middle East, the SLEER Company hopes that with their perseverance, digital mechanical reading sensors will be installed and commissioned regionally this year in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.
After officially entering the invention and innovation world, it was time for him to become an official member of IFIA. Mr. Vahid Niroumand got his INV membership in February 2020. This degree gave his team double energy for each of them to continue on this path stronger than before. Moreover, his team was invested in having their original idea patented in PCT and selling it in local markets, and they are planning to get their idea to the worldwide markets. Moreover, Mr. Niroumand thanks Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh, The Special Assistant of The President of IFIA, who consulted them on getting to the international opportunity and thinking out of the box. Mr. Niroumand and his team used many of his advice and suggestions to become an inventor worldwide


Their first international presence was at an exhibition in Germany, which was held in 2019. Maybe if they had not won a gold medal at that exhibition, they would not be in this position now, and we would not look so much more optimistic and realistic. After Germany, Mr. Niroumand and his group participated in eight different international exhibitions in South KoreaKuwaitCanadaTurkeyMoroccoPolandCroatia, and Switzerland resulted in six gold and three silver medals.
His most unique experience in this competition was his talk with Mr. Alireza Rastegar, The President of The International Federation of Inventors’ Association, about the future of his inventions and that they promised him to guide him by their experiences.
Also, you should have in mind that these experiences that Mr. Niroumand has had in his career have never been easy to gain. And, he has had his friends and colleagues helping him in these activities.


Mr. Niroumand thanks Ms. Farzaneh SANOOEE, Mr. Hamzeh ABBASZADEH, and Mr. Hamid ABEDI. These people helped him go through many obstacles on his way, such as many of the designs, management in different areas, etc.


In conclusion, Mr. Vahid Niroumand has had a unique and challenging route in invention and innovation that can encourage each person eager to become an inventor. Many curious youths with minds like him may obtain the IFIA Best medal title at the following INV International Competitions in 2022. But you have to believe in yourselves and never give up!

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