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FICI is proud to be an official partner of Designated Organizations (DO) for the Startup Visa (SUV) program. This program offers foreign entrepreneurs an opportunity to start a business in Canada and become permanent residents. To be eligible for the SUV program, applicants must receive a letter of support from a designated organization, which confirms […]


IFIA members are authorized to establish IFIA Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) in IFIA member states. TTOs work under the supervision and guidance of Technology Transfer Secretariat (TTS), situated in IFIA Secretariat, to meet the requirements of Technology Transfer Center (TTC). TTC branches supervise the activities of TTOs regionally. IFIA may found TTC branches in specialized […]


The First Institute of Canadian Inventors (FICI) is a non-profit organization subsidiary and one of 95 countries that are members of the International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA). FICI is committed to preparing Canadian inventors to succeed, by providing the necessary resources including patent services, entrepreneurship and innovation workshops, and technical help. We are the bridge […]


At FICI we are offering a professional patent service by IFIA’s attorneys. Our area of expertiseآ is in PCT, US, and Canadian patents . Also, IFIA has a partnership with WIPO which is the provider of PCT and European patent. Our members can benefit from the special discount for PCT and US patents. For more information […]


As the only official full member and representative of IFIA in Canada, we are responsible for sending Canadian national inventors’ team to international competitions running by IFIA. IFIA has annual competitions for inventors in different countries , with different themes between 24-38 categories. Applicants need to first register to FICI and send a summary of […]

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