IP Panorama

Join thousands of professionals working in many different industries from all across the world who have decided to further their global competitiveness by studying Intellectual Property through the world’s premier IP educational material, IP Panorama, a self-paced, online educational curriculum created and managed by WIPO, KIPO, and KIPA since 2008.

IP Panorama is the go-to multimedia toolkit for IP business learning, and now as an IFIA member, you will gain free access to your very own IP business asset management course.

IP Panorama’s 13 video modules are taught from a practical business perspective, so you will gain the necessary knowledge you need on how to protect and create value from your intangible business assets.

The course is composed of three steps:

  1. Online Course:
    Attend full online course for six weeks, open three sessions a year
  2. IP Essay
    Write and get evaluated for selection in receiving scholarship for step 3
  3. Offline Course
    Meet, network and connect with other professionals apart from IP field

After successfully finishing the course, you will receive an official WIPO-KIPO-KIPA certificate.

*Watch each leaning module and obtain a 60% or higher on the final exam



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