Art of Creativity

Art of Creativity is one of the most successful projects launched in 2017 at FICI designed by Babak Khodaparast.

Having no idea and want to be an inventor? or you already have an idea and wondering how to transfer your idea into an invention or even startup? if your answer is “YES” to these questions then this program is for you.

FICI is currently running “Art of Creativity” course not only in all of our Canada Wide student chapters but in Saudi Arabia and soon in East of Asia.

Successful participants who finish the course will be received official certificate and in case of achieving the required score, successful participants will be nominated to participate in International Competitions as a member of NITC.

Success stories: Airmoda is registered by Aria Eghtetaf who is a 15 years old high school student in Toronto. Aria has been participated in one of the Art of Creativity courses in 2017 and successfully passed the course. His outcome was a fantastic invention! a drone to wash windows of high-rises working autonomously. Aria, also won a FICI PATENT GRANT and successfully obtained

PCT and joined National Inventors Team of Canada. His invention has been participated in the 1st Competition of Inventions in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Ans Fakihais a cardiac surgeon who participated in the “Art of Creativity”. Dr. Fakiha had an idea to invent a device for cardiac surgeries and prevent debris fall into aorta valve. He successfully built a prototype and obtained a PCT for his very useful invention. His invention is now being used in some hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

Green Door Garage is founded by Arman Golpayegani. Arman has a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and more than 10 years of experience in installing garage doors. However he is the owner of his company but he was very passionate to invent new things so he participated in the Art of Creativity course and came up with a very useful and simple solution to increase the durability of garage doors. He also built a working prototype for his invention and finished the course successfully.



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