Ifia Startup Program will rely on Artificial Intelligence

Ifia Startup Program will rely on Artificial Intelligence

The Latin American Office of IFIA-ABIPIR, São Paulo section, led by Mr. Marcelo Vivacqua as Director and Mr. Danilo Monteiro as Head, is delighted to announce groundbreaking developments in the “IFIA-ABIPIR Global Startup Connections Program.” This initiative will soon integrate cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence resources.

With the addition of Mr. Marcos Tito, an Artificial Intelligence specialist, as the Program Advisor, and the collaboration of Mr. Andrio Correa, the developer, under the guidance of Mr. Rodrigo Grossi, the digital platform hosting the program will incorporate Generative Artificial Intelligence resources (ChatGPT). This enhancement will significantly enhance the business matchmaking process between Startups and Investors, Customers (Governments and companies practicing open innovation to address challenges), Startup business experts, and other Startups (technology partners), making it more precise, agile, and efficient.

But the innovations don’t end there. Independent Inventors and Academic Researchers will soon join Startups and Startup business experts on the platform, further enriching the Business Matchmaking process.

This expansion is set to provide unparalleled value to all participants, given the limitless opportunities for connections within the innovation ecosystems across different countries represented by IFIA.

The IFIA-ABIPIR Startups Program garnered unanimous support during the IFIA Executive Committee meeting held in Geneva in 2023. President Alireza Rastegar played a pivotal role, offering invaluable support and collaboration, revolutionizing IFIA through innovative, transparent, and effective management.

The “Platform of Business for Startups with AI” was developed by the Brazilian company “Startups Global Link” and is accredited by IFIA to execute the Program. It operates under the Coordination of the Office of IFIA-ABIPIR LATAM São Paulo section and receives backing from the IFIA-ABIPIR LATAM Office, Foz do Iguassu section, led by Mrs. Mariangela Lückmann.

The Program also boasts a partnership with IFIA-Bharat, headed by Mr. Anand Kannan, who has been doing remarkable work in India.

Eager to explore these new features? Access the platform, register your Startup, or, if you’re a Startup business expert, sign up.

Registration forms and information about the benefits of participating in this global movement can be found at: www.startups-globallink.com



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