IFIA Signs Agreement for Startups Acceleration Program

IFIA Signs Agreement for Startups Acceleration Program

The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) has undertaken another innovative initiative under the leadership of President Alireza Rastegar, aiming to enhance the organization’s connection with modernity.

This initiative involves the signing of an accreditation contract with the Brazilian startup “Startups Global Link,” led by manager and co-founder Mr. Rodrigo Grossi. The purpose is to execute the “IFIA-ABIPIR Global Startups Acceleration Program Link.”

The program will be coordinated by the Latin American Office of IFIA-ABIPIR in São Paulo, Brazil. Mr. Marcelo Vivacqua serves as the Director in Latin America, with Mr. Danilo Melo as Head.

According to the terms established in the contract, the startup will be responsible for all aspects of implementation, management, monitoring, and accountability related to the program, following ethical and transparent conduct outlined in the IFIA statute.

The project-managing startup aims to ensure sustainability by offering a subscription-based “Premium” membership. This membership entitles startups to various advantages, such as active prospecting by the “Global Innovation Scouting” Department, seeking potential investors, customers, and commercial partners across countries represented by IFIA. 

Dr. Marcelo Vivacqua – Speech

Global Startup Acceleration Program Link

IFIA-ABIPIR Startup Program

Startups Global Link- Team

Additionally, “Premium” members will enjoy discounts on products and services from the program’s partner companies, as well as on courses and business matchmaking activities, including virtual meetings with investors and customers. Face-to-face activities and consultations will be conducted by Startup Business Specialists affiliated with the program.

The startup’s success will be reflected in its ability to cover marketing costs related to program publicity. This contribution is expected to expand IFIA’s reach in various segments of the global innovation ecosystem, enhancing its recognition and perceived value in supporting inventors, scientists, and startups. The ultimate goal is to contribute to making the world a better place for everyone through the innovations developed by these key players.

The program was officially launched in November during the meeting of the Committee of Leaders of Business Mobilization for Innovation, a part of the National Confederation of Industry. It has been showcased at several significant events in innovation hubs, including the “Innovative Experience,” details of which can be found here: [Inovativa Experience link]: https://www.inovativa.online/inovativa-experience/

For further information and to enroll in the Startups Global Link program, startups and mentors can access the following links:

– [Startups Global Link website]: https://www.startupsglobal.link/en & https://www.ifia.com/startups-department/



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