Startup Launcher

Startup Launcher is a program to help individual inventors, students and startup owners who already have an Alpha prototype or market ready product to pre-sell their inventions through the FICI GRANT PROGRAM for Kickstarter campaign.

Requirements :

  • Target market of the Product/Invention should be wide in a way that includes most of families and solve a daily problems. For more examples you can visit successful Kickstarter Campaigns.
  • Applicants must have at least their Prototype ready ( in some cases MVP is also accepted )
  • The goal of their campaign should be at least $100,000 USD
  • Having a valid Patent is not a must but suggested. In case the applicant does not obtained their patent, this office can help them to apply for a patent.
  • For limited applications FICI is offering Patent Grant Program.

How to apply :

For registration please send us an email and check the STARTUP LAUNCHER program.



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